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Mind & Body Discipline

Mind & Body Discipline

Serene Valley Spa offers a variety of classes and activities, including yoga, Pilates and Physical Activities sessions. Our accredited teachers are also available upon request for personal training and private sessions. Please refer to our Schedule of Activities or approach our Wellness team to make your reservation.


60 Minutes – Ksh1,200

Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years. It provides a total workout for both body and mind, incorporating strengthening exercises with breathing and meditation techniques. The benefits are myriad, from increased flexibility and muscle tone, to lowered stress levels and blood pressure. Private yoga classes are available on request for beginners to experts, helping to develop a practice that can be incorporated into a daily lifestyle, or to enhance your existing yoga commitment. Our yoga expert works closely with you to design a program for your specific needs.

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Discover the healing and relaxing power of this ancient therapeutic tradition, through our sessions. Turn your consciousness inward, then learn how to breathe into those spaces, achieving clarity, focus and a renewed conversation within your own self. It is a practice that will,  with devotion and time, help you long after you return to daily life.



Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that assists to improve posture, circulation and flexibility by toning muscles and strengthening the core. It also encourages mind-body balance with calming, regular exercises. Private Pilates sessions are available for beginners

to experts, using either the mat or Reformer styles to enhance existing practice or give an introduction to the Pilates method of exercise.


Treat Yourself to a Piece of Tranquility

Our service to you has been thoughtfully selected and prepared to include; facials, massages, body wraps, scrubs, hair treatments, nail care and alternative therapies plus much more.



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