Green Tea Ritual

KSh 11,500.00

This indulgent day will leave you feeling more pampered and relaxed than ever before. Your day will start with a tailored hydrating facial which your therapist will choose with you during consultation.

 Then head for the perfect eucalyptus steam room experience designed to detoxify the body and makes use of 100% humidity to cleanse the body of impurities. Followed by a vanilla latte body scrub to prepare the skin for the luxurious products in the upcoming treatments, you will then enjoy a relaxing holistic massage.

You will then enjoy a luxury spa sea salt pedicure and manicure. Your day will also include light refreshments and nibbles. This is the height of relaxation and we highly recommend this package.



Green Tea Ritual ( 4 Hours)

This ritual combination is revered in Asia for its anti-aging properties because it is so rich in anti-oxidants that help ward off wrinkles by reducing the free radicals in the skin.  The use of Green tea has a powerful natural effect, helping to remove dead skin leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Your journey begins with an invigorating dry brushing to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. Next, warm orthodox green tea body scrub is applied to the body to remove toxins and nourish the skin, followed by a calming green tea facial while the body is wrapped and the treatment is finalized with an aromatherapy bliss massage.


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