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Serene Valley Spa offers facial care for every skin type, including non-surgical, anti-ageing facials. Through targeted treatments tailored to your own skin care needs, we can help your skin feel firmer and smoother, restoring a youthful glow. 

Facials prepare the skin to absorb beneficial therapies such as anti-aging serums, and protect the skin against infection via improved cell health.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

Treatment: 90 Minutes – Ksh8,000
Collagen Production – Cell Turnover – Acne Healing

This ‘celebrity’ Oxygen Facial is a truly unique experience. The treatment help improve blood circulation to face, provide instant results with fine lines and blemishes appearing visibly reduced. Your skin looks rejuvenated, radiant and fresh – what more could you ask for? Known as the secret anti-aging skincare treatment used by Hollywood’s finest. It’s non-invasive and non-medical because it doesn’t involve injectables or applying chemical acids on the skin.

Hydration Facial

Treatment: 90 Minutes – Ksh4,500
Hydrating – Softening – Brightening.

This facial fills the epidermis with water to reveal vibrant, supple, re-plumped skin. A slow and delicate relaxing massage targets the lymphatic system to improve fluid flow. This will leave your skin with a youthful glow.

The Elite Anti Defying Facial

Treatment: 90 Minutes – Ksh5,500
Anti- Aging – Renewing – Firming

This facial provides an intense smoothing effect and is performed with renewing serum and application of the renewing face Mask. The slow and deep massage fights wrinkles by relaxing, toning the muscles, releasing and removing toxins. There’s even a relaxing shoulder massage to soothe those tired muscles and melt away any tension.

Hi Frequency Facial

Treatment: 90 Minutes – Ksh7,000
Lifting – Tightening – Wrinkle Reduction

This general therapy come with benefits of a non-invasive, triple layer lifting effect, the HIFU treatment is a popular treatment if you are seeking an alternative to invasive face-lifting and tightening procedures. HIFU achieves aesthetic outcome in cheek augmentation, jowel line lifting (jaw and chin), nasolabial fold reduction (smile line), periorbital wrinkle reduction (laughter lines around the eyes) and over all skin tightening and rejuvenation in targeted areas.

Diamond Facial

Treatment: 90 Minutes – Ksh8,000
Smoothening – Detoxifying – Skin Restoration

This treatments is a non-surgical peel treatment that helps to eliminate dead skin cells. The result is new, glowing, and youthful skin. It replaces damaged, sensitive, and aged skin. It is performed with a special diamond-tipped tool that gently removes toxins, dirt, and dead skin cells. The Treatment boosts the skin’s metabolism to reveal new and smoother skin, reduces wrinkles and pore size, detoxifies, removes acne scars, fine lines, and age spots.

Illuminating Facial

Treatment: 90 Minutes – Ksh3,800
Clarifying – Detoxing – Revitalizing

Purify and detoxify with 100% Island lava mud drenched in pure rose water. This is the ultimate skin care treatment that will leave skin smooth and radiant by deeply penetrating the dermis layers. Its amazing properties help to boost collagen production, minimize and tighten pores, soothe the skin from inflammation, and brighten skin complexion. While the mask is working on your skin you will receive a relaxing neck massage.
Serene Valley Spa facial treatment

Exotic Green Tea Facial

Treatment: 45 Minutes – Ksh3,000
Anti Inflammatory – Purifying – Replenishing

Optimize your well-being and replenish the skin with renewed freshness with this detoxifying treatment using orthodox green tea that has powerful antioxidants that help fight free radicals.This deep cleansing, therapeutic facial unblocks pores and eliminates skin blemishes, as well as reinforces the epidermis and brings out a new radiance.

Serene Refreshing Facial

Treatment: 30 Minutes – Ksh2,500
Energizing – Brightening – Rejuvanating

Need a pick-me-up between work? Our 30-minute treatment is just what you need. Perfect for a dull and tired complexion as well as sensitive skin, the pick me up facial helps to rejuvenate skin and stimulate collagen production with an exfoliation and custom blended mask.

Treat Yourself to a Piece of Serenity

Our service to you has been thoughtfully selected and prepared to include; facials, massages, body wraps, scrubs, hair treatments, nail care and alternative therapies plus much more.



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